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Teach Thailand - PROGRAM T Details



Earn your 120 hour, internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certification with Island TEFL
You can choose to study the course online at your own pace, or on-location in a 3 week class in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Jontiem beach, Phuket or Koh Samui, Thailand, before you commence the 5 day Professional Teacher Orientation Program in Bangkok.

For information on the online course please see www.onlineteflexpress.com
For information on the on-location courses please see www.islandtefl.com

(27th & 28th APRIL, 2014 or late October 2014)

You are invited to participate in a “meet and greet” day with your fellow program participants. With your accommodation and transfers taken care of, this will relieve you of any stress upon your arrival in Thailand.

Meet and Greet
On arrival at Bangkok International airport on the designated program arrival date, you will be met by our staff and taken to your Bangkok hotel accommodation for the next six nights.

At the hotel you will be greeted by our friendly representative, Khun Warunya Dunne (pictured below) who will assist you with your check in. You will receive an international SIM card that will enable you to keep in touch with friends and family back home. You will be free to unwind, relax and settle in to your new surroundings and mingle with your colleagues.

Meet and Greet Testimonial:
“When traveling so far to start my Island TEFL course, I felt both excited and nervous at the same time. Excited, to gain the necessary training to begin a new career, to experience the beauty of exotic Thailand and its magical culture. Nervous, at the prospect of what may or may not happen upon arrival in Thailand. What if I couldn’t find the resort or the Island TEFL training center? How would I find my fellow students or the teaching staff? My head began to spin.

I recommend to every student planning to do an Island TEFL training course that the Welcome Package is an absolute must! Not only will it take away any misplaced fears and apprehensions that you may have, it is also educational and fun. It makes for the smoothest of transitions into the actual TEFL course.” Danielle Cryer


Thailand is a safe environment to live and work in. With the programs we provide, you and your family have the peace of mind knowing that you are afforded support 24/7 from the moment you land, until you go to your next adventure!

(5 DAY ORIENTATION 29th APRIL – 3rd MAY 2014, or late October 2014, BANGKOK, THAILAND)

Following on directly after the Meet and Greet you will attend a 5 day Teacher Orientation and Professional Development seminar. This is the perfect introduction and immersion into Thai Culture and you will also learn invaluable teaching techniques that will thoroughly prepare you for your teaching placement in Thailand. We will cover all areas and aspects of living, working and teaching in Thailand, including tips about living in a new culture and environment. We will look at how the Thai classroom differs to the ones you’re more familiar with, and delve into the theories behind teaching English as a foreign language through conversational classes to improve fluency, confidence and ability. You will visit a Thai school and have the opportunity to do a Teaching Practice with Thai students.

In addition to this we will begin to prepare and arrange everything you need to live and work here. We’ll also begin to prepare your documents for your work permit, your insurance, your license to teach here in Thailand.


Within 7 working days after the orientation your teaching placement will be organized. You will be responsible for your own living and accommodation costs during this short period. You will need to budget for up to and around $500 USD in travelling expense, Visa expenses and living expenses to survive before you get your first salary. to your placement school location. We will provide you with detailed information and assistance on how to get there. Once you arrive at your destination you will be met by the friendly staff from your placement school. They will take you to your private accommodation that is safe, clean and conveniently located in close proximity to your school. You will have time to fully settle in to your surroundings and get organized before your School Introduction Day. From that moment onwards, it’s full steam ahead!



Our support and assistance doesn’t end, once you reach your placement; we are your employers for the duration of the contract, and so we will be your point of call for information, help or guidance during the semester. We divide Thailand into 4 areas, and each area has their own consultant team to help with the relationship with the school, your visa, work permit, and anything to do with the legal side of being in Thailand. Then you have a curriculum team, who will visit your school, read and review your lesson plans, and assist you with anything lesson related.

We provide accommodation for the duration of the contract, and this is free of charge. (If your placement is in a city where there are plenty of accommodation options, we will provide you with an accommodation allowance, and you are able to choose your accommodation). Most of our accommodation is a private apartment, some are shared houses with the other teachers on your program. All of our accommodation is safe, and we will do our utmost to ensure your safety and comfort at all times. We aim to provide accommodation that is:

• Within walking distance to the school
• Modern design
• Furnished with bed, wardrobe and desk
• Equipped with air con, wifi, fridge and TV

As our placement locations vary greatly, so does our provided accommodation, but we aim to meet these criteria wherever possible.


Some accommodation we provide


Yes! You are advised t enter Thailand on a 60 - 90 day tourist visa and we take responsibility in assisting you in obtaining all the necessary documents you need in order to obtain your Non Immigrant B Visa after your arrival in Bangkok. All initial costs of obtaining the tourist visa and Non-Immigrant B Visa, visa extension and related charges are your responsibility. We undertake to organize your work permit and will bear the cost of applications through schools. This represents a cost savings to you of up to $400 USD.

Does ISLAND TEFL pay for the cost of my accident insurance?
Yes, we will pay for the cost of your mandatory accident insurance which represents a savings to you of around $100 USD.

What is my salary?
Your salary will be from 30,000 Thai Baht per month (approx. $1,000 USD) for the months that you are teaching. The cost of living is much lower in Thailand than in the U.S. or Europe so your money goes a long way. Your salary is more than 2- 2.5x that of what a Thai teacher would be paid and they would have to pay their rent or mortgage out of their salary.

Is my accommodation provided and paid for?
Yes, at all of the schools we have sourced suitable and comfortable accommodation for our teachers. The accommodation is normally your own private studio apartment in a modern apartment building. The accommodation is clean and in safe neighborhoods. You do not need to worry about safety in Thailand. In the rare incidences where accommodation is not provided you will receive a generous accommodation allowance in addition to your 30,000 Thai Baht salary.

When do I learn about my placement school and location?
In Your placement school and location will be sorted out within 7 business days of the conclusion of the Program T Orientation Program in Bangkok.

Will there be other foreign teachers at my school?
In almost all cases yes! The exception is normally where a teacher requests to be placed in a school where there are no other foreign teachers. Typically, schools that you are placed will have a minimum of 2 – 5 foreign teachers in any one school. Thailand is also a popular destination for ex-pats so there is usually a lively social scene even in the smaller cities and towns.

How will my teaching schedule work?
The school day in Thailand starts around 8AM and goes through until 3.30PM or 4PM. Actual classes start around 9AM so normally you'll have an hour or so to prepare the day's lessons before you start teaching. Classes are normally between around 50 minutes and the foreign teacher would teach around 5 classes per day. The working week is from Monday to Friday.

Do I always teach the same class?
You would normally teach each class in the school once a week. If it's a big school, you might be responsible for teaching a particular year group and so would teach each class from that year group once a week.

How big are the classes?
Class size can vary quite considerably in Thailand. Some schools have a special English program and class size for these schools is relatively small. It's not unusual to teach four or five students per class where this type of program is offered. The other end of the scale is the schools where no separate English program is assigned in which case classes can vary from between 25 and 40 students!

What do I need to wear to work?
Thais favor a smart appearance for teachers so the usual work attire would be a shirt, tie and trousers for the guys and skirt and blouse for the girls.

Will the school have a curriculum?
We will provide you with the curriculum that you will teach. There are usually internet facilities at the schools for printing off lesson plans and other teaching materials. Additional teaching aids, text books, CDs and quizzes are also almost always at hand.

When does the Thai school year start?
Currently The Thai school year starts with term one in May and term two starts in November but from 2014 onwards the school year will start later in Thailand. Dates will be announced shortly.

When are the holidays?
The periods of mid-September - mid-November and mid-March – Mid-May are holiday periods. These periods are unpaid. However, it's easy to find extra work such as English camps during these months.

Can I extend my contract with the company?
Yes! You will initially choose a contract length of 4 months (1 semester) or 8 months (2 semesters). If you are unsure of whether you would like a long or short contract there is no harm in selecting a 4 month contract to see if you enjoy your placement as much as we know you will. As soon as you know you would like to stay longer with your placement school, let us know. We and our partner schools welcome teachers to stay longer than the 4 or 8 month contract that they initially selected. You will also be entitled to re-signing bonuses for extending your contract.

How will I get paid?
You will qualify for a Thai bank account and you can then be paid electronically, in Thai Baht, into this bank account every month.

Is it easy to send money home from Thailand?
Sending money home is very easy, cheap and convenient. You can wire transfer cash back to your home bank account from any of the large banks in Thailand. The fee per transaction is usually around $20 USD.

What are the program I requirements?
You have a B.A. Degree or equivalent and be 21 - 45 years of age.
You should have an internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certification..
You must be a native English speaker from either the U.K; U.S.; CAN; IRL; AUS; or NZ .

How do I gain my TEFL or TESOL certification to apply for this program?
Island TEFL, Teach Thailand Participants have the add on program option of being able to add an Island TEFL, 120 hour, Internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certification course before commencing the Meet and Greet, Orientation and Placement described above. They can choose to complete an on-location (Bangkok, Koh Samui or Phuket, Thailand), Island TEFL, 3-Week, 120 hour, TEFL/TESOL Certification Course, for an additional investment cost of only $995 USD. Please visit www.islandtefl.com for more information on these courses. This qualification can also be earned online through www.onlineteflexpress.com for $499 USD.

How do I apply for the Island TEFL, Teach Thailand Program T?
The first step in the process is to forward your Resume/C.V. along with a recent photograph of yourself and your Date of Birth to Philip@islandtefl.com. Your completed application will be reviewed by the Teach Thailand Program T Placement committee and we will normally get back to you via email with a decision within 48 hours. If you have been accepted to the program and would like to take advantage of an early acceptance response offer which saves you $100 USD (12% ) off the normal program fee, you will have up to 10 days from being made the offer to (1). Decide if you wish to accept the offer and (2) Make a non-refundable deposit payment of $397.50 USD which represents 50% of your discounted program fee of $795 USD. The remaining 50% will be due on or before the 30th day prior to the commencement of your program date. If you need longer than 10 days to decide and/or pay your deposit, that will be O.K. subject to availability, but please note that you will then be charged the normal Program fee of $895, which requires 50% initial deposit of $447.50 to secure your place.

The remaining $447.50 USD will be due on or before the 30th day prior to the commencement of your program date. If for some reason you are unable to take up your place on the placement program as long as you give us prior notice of at least 30 days before your program starts you can defer your entry for up to a year and not lose your initial deposit. As soon as we receive your initial 50% program deposit payment your place on the program will be confirmed.

You will need to purchase your own one way or return air ticket to Thailand. You will be given instructions as to when to arrive in Thailand for the Meet and Greet Program and you will be met at the airport on the designated Meet and Greet day and you will be transported to your hotel for the Meet and Greet and Orientation programs.

If I have questions about the program which are not answered here, who do I contact?
Please contact Philip Dunne. His email is Philip@islandtefl.com Skype: islandtefl Phone: (USA) 760 449 7649

How much is the Teach Thailand Program Investment Cost, and what is included?
The Teach Thailand Program is heavily subsidized and your Investment cost can be as low as $795 USD if you can take advantage of the early acceptance response and make your deposit payment within 10 days of receiving your acceptance offer to the program. This represents a $100 USD (12%) savings off the regular program investment cost of $695 USD.

What is included in your program Investment Cost?
4 to 6 month initial teaching placement in a school in Thailand. You can renew by mutual consent
30,000 Thai Baht Monthly Salary ($1,000 USD)

Paid Accommodation (private studio room or similar) is provided for you for the duration of your contract (N.B. In the rare instances where accommodation is not provided you will receive a generous to choose your own accommodation allowance)

Full visa support and your work permit paid for.
Your Accident Insurance required to teach in the schools is provided and paid for
1 day Meet and Greet Program including airport pick up and transport to the Bangkok orientation.
5 day Teacher Orientation and Professional Development Seminar
6 nights shared accommodation for Meet and Greet & Orientation and Professional Development Seminar
International SIM Card to enable you to keep in touch with friends and family back home

24/7 support throughout your entire stay in Thailand
What is not included in your investment cost?

The cost of your airfare to Thailand
Your visa costs
The cost to obtain your CRB (Criminal Record Background) check, currently around $20 USD
Living expenses (other than accommodation), such as food, travel, shopping for the first month until you receive your monthly salary

Transportation from the orientation to your placement location (Budget up to $30 USD for this)
Accommodation and living expenses in the 7 working day placement period during which time your placement is organized.

I have my BA degree and TEFL certification, and just wish to work in Thailand. Do you have programs without having to pay the program fee?
Yes! There are currently around 3,600 teaching job openings throughout Thailand, through direct hiring program initiatives by the schools.

However, please consider the following facts and you will appreciate why we have such a large number of unfilled openings and yet our Teach Thailand Program T is always full.

Unlike the schools in the Teach Thailand Program T, we have not been able to screen these schools and to accept one of these positions your out of pocket expenses, excluding travelling costs to Thailand and accommodation costs once in Thailand, are likely to be well over $1,000 USD more than without Program T. Probably well over $3,000 USD more if you factor in that this program provides you with accommodation throughout your placement.

While we totally understand where people are coming from when they ask us “Why do they have to pay a program fee to get a teaching position in Thailand?” It is important to understand that Thailand does not have the same budget that countries like China, South Korea and Japan have to spend on Educational programs. We continue to work hard to keep the costs to a minimum and are continually striving to upgrade the quality of the teacher and student experience. Certainly if you compare the low investment cost of our Teach Thailand Programs and the higher remuneration they provide (our Teach Thailand Programs are around 50% cheaper than what you would expect to pay if you decided to go for one of the 3,600 general openings detailed above. The quality of the experience you will have in a community that needs you and where we have screened your placement school, the Island TEFL Teach Thailand Programs are the programs of choice when it comes to Teaching opportunities in Thailand.

If you compare our teach Thailand Programs to those of our competitors you will find that not only do our Program participants receive better remuneration our Programs are around 50% -70% cheaper than other programs.

Typical out of pocket costs, excluding airfare and TEFL/TESOL certification, for applicants who chose not to go with a Placement Program are around $1,400 or more. Cost Comparison* – Popular Thailand Placement Programs (Including Work Permit, Insurance and Teacher license Costs, where applicable)


Company Applicant With TEFL Applicant Needs TEFL
i-to-I (www.i-to-i.com) $1,595 $ 2,690
Ciee (www.ciee.org) $1,950 $ 2,950
Greenheart (cci-exchange.com) $1,450 from $ 2,250
Island TEFL T (islandteflthailand.com) $795 $1,295 - $1,790
Savings with IslandTEFL Program T $655 - $1,155 $955 - $1,160

*N.B. Costs are approximate & taken from company websites or provided by the companies themselves.

Additional Information
Take a look at the following article and video for an in depth look at teaching in Thailand:


Click here for full Terms and Conditions for Program T.


For more information on anything included here, or for any advice, please contact Philip Dunne at philip@islandtefl.com, or call on USA 760 449 7649



Craig O’Brien’s Journey.
Volume One 8/01/2013

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21-45 YRS of AGE


  • Monthly Salary 30,000 Thai Baht (2.5 -3x more than a local Thai teacher)
    Private, Furnished, Rent free Accommodation

  • 4-6 Month or 10-12 Month renewable contracts

  • Full Visa Assistance

  • Work Permit and Insurance Provided

  • 2 Day Meet and Greet with Airport Pick Up and Transfer

  • 5 Day Comprehensive Orientation Seminar at a Bangkok Hotel

  • 24/7 Support from the moment you land until after you leave Thailand

  • Start 27th April or late October 2014





If you want to really make a difference, Thailand is one of the countries where your teaching skills and passion will be appreciated the most. ASEAN Economic Community 2015 (AEC) is literally just around the corner and English is the agreed common language for business for the 10 member ASEAN countries. But, out of 40 countries assessed, Thailand’s education system is ranked 37th.

The Thai Government and MOE are aggressively addressing this situation, and one of the goals is to provide at least one native

English speaking teacher to every government school in Thailand to help with fluency, pronunciation and confidence.

So while richer countries may offer more monetary rewards, remember that living costs in Thailand are much lower, so your monthly salary goes a long way. When you also factor in the intangible rewards of teaching and living the Thailand life style, you can appreciate why so many choose to go where they are most needed and appreciated. In Thailand you can truly make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.


Oct 2013:

22nd – arrive in Thailand and travel to hotel
23rd – Thai cultural immersion trip
24th-27th –Orientation course
27th to 28th – Travel to placement
1st Nov – School Introduction Day at placement school


Orientation Course

  • Free shared accommodation for the duration of the course

  • 4 free polo shirts for teaching (worth 1000baht)

  • Free professional photographs for applications (worth 350 baht)




1. Get paid to live in and explore a beautiful and exotic country.

2. Experience Thailand as a resident, a local – not just a fly through tourist.

3. Gain
self awareness of your personality, abilities, strengths and weaknesses away from your ‘comfort zone’.

4. Clarify your life
goals and missions through new experiences.

5. Experience
growth as a person, and a professional, and learn new, transferable skills.


TOP 10

1.Thailand is nearly the equal size of Spain

2.Until 1939 Thailand was known as Siam

3.There are approximately 35,000 temples in the country

4.There are 44 consonants, 18 vowels and 4 tonal notations in the Thai language

5.The national flower of Thailand is the orchid, and if you fly with Thai Airways they will offer you an orchid as you leave the plane.



“AEC 2015, as known as ASEAN Economic Community 2015, is a uniting of 10 ASEAN countries, which are Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Brunei. AEC 2015 will bring a new era of economical cooperation to all 10 countries. Investors can invest anywhere in these countries. Workers can go work anywhere in these countries also with no tight restriction like before. Competition will get fiercer for those who are not well-prepared. All 10 countries agree to use English as the language for business.”

“Language; English will be the language for business in AEC 2015. Many countries that used to be a colony of the British Empire will have little trouble when having to communicate in English. In the near future, China, Japan, and South Korea, will join the AEC as well. This means learning English will become even more crucial.”

Wall Street English

http://www.wallstreet.in.th/index.php/w all-street-english/aec/?lang=en



“Amazing Thailand” has something to offer everybody and there is a reason why it is referred to as the land of 1000 smiles. Whether it is the warm weather, the exotic food, the powdery white beaches, the laid back atmosphere and lifestyle, the many stunningly beautiful tropical islands, the rich and unique culture and that it is home to perhaps the friendliest people in the world, once you experience Thailand for yourself you will never want to leave.”

Philip Dunne
Managing Director philip@islandtefl.com

Phone: USA 760 449 7649